Heirloom Seeds for Drought Tolerant Vegetables

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I've been frustrated all summer with the lack of rain and intense heat. Most of the vegetables that I planted died and the ones that didn't wither up, produced little to no vegetables. I nearly gave up but decided to give it one more shot. The websites below give some good advice on which varieties of vegetables to grow if you live in an area with little rain (which describes most of Texas right now). There's a wide variety, from black-eyed peas to mustard greens to spinach to watermelon.

I also decided to switch over to using heirloom seeds to see if I could master growing vegetables and then reserve any seeds produced to grow in following years. Amazon has a good selection of drought tolerant, heirloom seeds. All the ones I selected have low shipping rates (except for the snap beans).  My favorite seller is Hirt's Gardens. I have included New Zealand spinach even though it's not a heritage seed just because the research I completed on this plant said it was a hardy, leafy green, vegetable that grows well in the summer. Those are hard to find in Texas. I'm hoping these plants thrive through the Fall, Winter and Spring despite the lack of rain.

The tomato seeds below are not heritage but do grow well in dry areas:
Early Girl Tomato Seeds

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