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I was having trouble keeping the deer, rabbits and racoons out of my vegetable garden. I surrounded it with lots of deer netting but became frustrated with the amount of time it took me to remove the netting and then put it back each time I ventured into my garden. Finally, I decided to grow my garden in pots on the patio. However, the pots at all the shops, including discount stores were too expensive far the amount of plants I wanted to grow.

Eventually, I came across Grow Bags on Amazon. 10 five gallon bags (one is big enough to grow a huge tomato plant) cost $3.77.  They are incredibly sturdy and all my plants are thriving. The reviews for these bags state that they can be reused and I'm hoping that's true. I am growing a grape vine, raspberries, watermelon, zucchini, squash and cucumber. I'll post some pictures once they start bearing fruit and vegetables. The downside about the bags is that the cost of shipping brings the total amount paid to about $10 for 10 bags. Still, the price is still far cheaper than buying 10 pots. Grow Bags come in all sizes, from one gallon to 10 gallon bags.
Growing Vegetables & Fruits in Grow Bags

Container Garden with Grow Bags

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Cheap Pots - Grow Bags

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