Gratzi Italian Restaurant - Where a Tomato Tastes Like a Tomato Should

The other day I sliced and ate a piece of tomato. I threw the rest of the tomato away as it was watery and had very little taste. I regretted wasting money and food. It had been a while since I ate a tomato that wasn't just filler but actually pleasing to eat.

My family ate at Gratzi on fm 2920 in Spring, Texas a few months back. The owners were gracious and the food was amazing. My son devoured his ravioli. My eggplant parmesan didn't stand a chance after I got the first bite and my husband was bowled over by the fettucini alfredo. The bread was homemade. The salad really sold me on this restaurant though. Every vegetable tasted like it had just been picked. I hadn't tasted tomatoes or red peppers like that since buying a batch at last summer's farmers markets. The owners of Gratzi take real pride in the food they put before customers. As an added bonus they are incredibly nice and considering how good their food is, their prices aren't bad either. Visit their website at http://www.gratziitalian.com/ to see menu and prices or just go by and eat for some delicious Italian food.

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